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Wildman Wax Wild Blue is a high-gloss dressing with a pleasant scent that helps to prevent fading, cracking, and other harful UV effects. Wildman Wax Wild Blue will restore fading and bring back the brilliance of all rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.

Wildman Wax Wild Blue can even be used on damp surfaces with excellent results. Wildman Wax Wild Blue is long lasting – the product will not wash right off unlike water-based dressings. Wildman Wax Wild Blue also offers excellent UV protection and dries completely – it will not stay tacky after application.

Wildman Wax Wild Blue offers great protection on vinyl and convertible tops, tonneau covers and all trim, and will not stain painted surfaces.


Wildman Wax Wild Blue is a non-water based dressing. There are 3 major reasons that you want to use a solvent based dressing for tires and exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl trim, instead of a water based dressing…

1. Holds up better than a water-based dressing

  • As soon as water comes into contact with a water based dressing, it’s gone. With Wildman Wax Wild Blue, it holds up much better, repelling water and moisture.

2. Does a better job restoring faded trim

  • Wildman Wax Wild Blue easily restores faded rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces to look like new.

3. Easily removes wax marks from exterior trim

  • When dressing exterior treim, Wildman Wax Wild Blue does not just cover up any way moarks on exterior trim, but rather will remove excess wax from trim pieces. This is due to it’s solvent based formula. There is so much plastic and vinyl trim on newer vehicles, no matter how careful you may be, you will hit it with wax and leave an unsightly mark. Wildman Wax Wild Blue will remove it!

Wildman Wax Wild Blue is excellent at restoring and rejuvenating vinyl tops and for those final details for dressing and protecting undercarriages and wheel wells. Can even be used on wet surfaces with excellent results.

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